With BETH® dry ESP it is possible to separate finest from process gases up to a temperature of 420°C by artificial electric charging. It is thus mostly used for hot-gas de-dusting of incineration plants and in metal production.


BETH®  wet ESP

BETH® wet ESP can be used in many processes in which a separation due to the dust or gas characteristics is not possible and for many years have been second to none with reference to reliability of operation, durability and separation performance.

They are excellently suitable for the separation of finest water drops covered with dust, from aerosols as well as exhaust gases containing tar and oil.


BETHPULS bag filters

BETHPULS bag filters are compact fabric filters with a full automated de-dusting of the filter bags through jets of compressed air. They serve the dry separation of dust particles or for recovering useful dusts from air and gas flows.

Equipped with the corresponding filter media, BETHPULS bag filters effortlessly fall below the existing and expected emissions values.


BETH® cyclones

BETH® cyclones are high-efficency separators with an optimised high degree of separation and low head loss. They have proven themselves for many centuries in numerous industrial cases of operation. Depending on the application and kind of dust, they are used as exclusive de-dusting or as a pre-separator.