Filter bag with fully automatic compressed air cleaning

The AERSTAR with its efficient and economic cleaning system, is especially suited for 24/7 systems, in which the suction/conveying cannot be interrupted. The filter bags are continuously cleaned. An efficient air-pressure impulse removes the filter cake from the filter bags. The special design of venturi nozzles, at the end of the filter support cage, enables the usage of secondary air, which enhances the economical air-pressure impulse. This results in an optimal filter cleaning, while reducing the usage of pressure-air and allowing a continuous filtration process. The cleaning duration/impulse can be individually adjusted.



Bag-type-filter with mechanical cleaning

The cleaning of the MATADOR-Filter bags is done mechanically. After the completion of the suction process / filtration, a vibrating rode shakes the filter bags rapidly, so that the filter cake drops off the filter surface. The cleaning process takes about 20-30 sec. before a new filtration cycle can be started. The starting of the cleaning process and therefore the shutdown of the ventilator can either be initiated manually or automatically with a timer, as well with a differential pressure measurement. The horizontal installation of the filter elements is achieved with an easy to use “Quick-clamping” mechanism.


Oil Mist Separator AOM/AOS

Clears all types of haze

The bg filtration gmbh offers a custom range of filter types for separating droplets and emulsions, as encountered in metal processing, drilling, cutting, honing, grinding, etc. With these manufacturing processes, varying quantities of various cooling materials and lubricants are used, which in return create varied spectra of drops. These fluids blend together with the metals that are to be pro- cessed a multitude of implementation combinations. For these countless applications, bg filtration gmbh has developed a filter program with demister technology (which can be with or with- out backwashing) and multi-level storage and dry filters.


Drumfilter Type TFB/TFC

For extracting dust from large air volumes

The design of the drumfilters completely departs from that of most previous filter systems. The filter drum is stationary and can be bolted directly to a wall opening. The incoming air flows from the inside to the outside, leaving the drum through the whole filter surface. This means that the air inside the filter chamber is clean. Rotating and changing suction nozzles on the inside of the drum continuously vacuum...


Centrifugal Separator (Cyclone)


The particle-laden air stream enters the separator tangen- tially at the top, creating a rotating airflow (vortex). By centrifugal force, the dust particles are moved along the outside wall where they are separated and, in spiral motion, slide into a collection device (plastic bag) or dust container. It is also possible to mount a compacting power screw below the separator. In the lower part of the housing, the air stream is forced to reverse and flows upwards through the vortex tube (cyclone turbulence). The centrifugal separators type ZSA, ZSB and ZSC are par- ticularly suitable for separation of dust with low content of fi- bers and granules.


Fiber Compactor Type FKA/FKC

Separating and compacting units for textile, paper and plastic waste

The particle-laden air stream enters at the top of the housing through the tangential inlet, flows through the perforated cone and is discharged through the outlet. The collected material and waste is deposited on the inside of the perforated cone. From there the material is continuously scraped off and compacted by a plug screw. The pre-compacted material is pressed against a diaphragm at the bottom outlet opening. This continuous process compacts the material and pushes the diaphragm open. The material is discharged into a suitable container or bag. This continuous operation of the units prevents fluctuations...